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Saturday, February 19, 2011

my best frenemy

I have a love-hate relationship with my elliptical machine. I hate the act of exercising. All the sweating, heavy breathing, aching muscles and I hate the way time seems to slow to a crawl as I am pedaling myself to pure exhaustion. But I do love the extra wiggle room I now have in my jeans.

The elliptical machine was an anti-gift to myself for Christmas. I am embarrassed to amit that in the past couple years I've managed to gain about 20 lbs and 1-1/2 pant sizes. The problem with gaining weight is that it happens so slowly that you almost don't notice it. The realization came when I was having a hard time finding clothes that fit me. Its sad that I was in denial and told myself that the reason I couldn't find stuff to wear was because I needed new clothes. I went out and bought several new items and when I went to hang them up I found that I was out of hangers. Sot then I began cleaning the clothes I don't wear anymore out of my closet. As I was doing this I realized that the items that I was preparing to donate were great clothes but just too snug to wear comfortably. I didn't need new clothes at all. What I needed was a new body. I could blame the gain on a combination of Greg's delicious cooking, cold winters, an underactive thyroid and a hundred other things but really, its my fault and its my responsibility to get healthier.

So with the help of my best frienemy, weightwatchers and stock piles of lean cuisines, I've managed to lose ten pounds in 5 weeks. Half-way to my goal. I feel better, sleep better and now I don't think I will be making that large clothing donation to goodwill just yet....
But maybe the term "frenemy" isn't exactly appropriate because it actually means this.
Maybe the appropriate term for my elliptical is my "enefriend"?


  1. I, too, hate working out with a passion! Pat literally has to drag me to the YMCA and/or threaten to cancel my account if I don't use it. I hate to admit it, but I always feel better after a good workout and I sleep better, too. I have really changed my eating habits in the last year and have noticed a huge difference in my size/weight/appearance and most of all, self-esteem. But WHY does cardio have to be SOO boring? I have some tips that work for me.. maybe I'll blog about it?

  2. Here is my best weight tip. I'd heard it before and thought it was a dumb idea, cuz I like my clothes loose. Buy pants with a waist band, not anything stretchy. I now know if I've gained a couple pounds cuz I can feel it. And it's a heck of a lot easier to lose two pounds than twenty.
    101 pounds less than I was two years ago