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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A few months ago I saw a special on TLC about "extreme couponers". They spend hours and hours scouring the internet, and newspapers for amazing deals and coupons. They would to to the grocery store armed with stacks and stacks of coupons and they managed to buy several hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for less than ten bucks; or better yet, free! Although I don't buy a lot of the stuff that these people were buying (a lot of pre-processed, non-organic, not tasty) and I don't have the space to stock-pile, I thought I'd see what the whole coupon craze was about. I haven't mastered the art to the point of the grocery store paying me to shop at their stores, but I've managed to save about 14 dollars in the past few weeks. I don't get a newspaper so I don't get coupons from them, although I've thought about heading over to the recycling center to see if I could find the sunday ads. All the coupons I've used so far i've found on the internet. I've been saving like crazy and slowly, very slowly paying off my college debt. Every dollar counts.

Most people appreciate and use coupons so I thought I'd share what I've found. Get the printer warmed up.  -kind of obvious
redplum- same as the coupons in the papers only online $1.00 and $0.50 off horizon organic milk products
stoneyfield -yogurt
yoplait-i like yogurt okay? I've been obsessed with the boston cream pie flavor. Eat at least one every day.
Meijer Grocery Store- register and get digital coupons that you can redeem at checkout. They sometimes send you promotional coupons that take dollar amounts off any purchase.  I've gotten 2 and 5 dollars off but you have to be careful as there are limits to how many coupons you can use.

If anyone knows of any good coupon tips or sites that I have not listed please feel free to post them on the comments section!


  1. I am a fan of confessions of a middle class mama, coupons for Christ and saving money in Toledo, all on facebook. They all post updates when there are big coupon deals or sales in the stores. They are all local to northwest Ohio so that helps too. A couple weeks ago, i printed online coupons, looked at sale ads and decided meijer was the best bet that week. I only bought stuff we normally eat and I have been trying to stay away from over processed stuff as well. Anyway, I got $121 in groceries for $75. :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! I got a bogo yankee candle coupon from the middle class mama and stocked up! I love my yankee candles