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Thursday, February 24, 2011

seeds and snow

Even though I am sitting here waiting on another snowstorm, spring fever has hit me like a ton of bricks. I
may be getting a little ahead of myself but today I ordered seeds. I told myself not to get too carried away. I mean, I don't even have a patio let alone a yard with a garden. The plan was to order some eggplants and maybe some heirloom tomatoes that I could tuck into an empty corner here or there in either my parents or my grandparents garden.  But I went and got carried away thanks to a place called High Mowing Seeds.

I guess the thought process was that if it was only a few bucks per pack why not throw in a few other interesting seeds? There were so many lovely organic and heirloom seeds and the website boasted such wonderful business practices.  The reason I went to their website in the first place was because I was impressed with their catalog which happened to be printed on recycled paper...with soy ink.  I was already paying flat rate shipping.  Well, a few others turned several others and I got completely carried away. I only hope that my family will be understanding and happily nurture my green thumb. I promise I'll share the bounty.

Here's what I bought:
Beets: Touchstone Gold (like red beets only orangy-gold)
Broccolini: De Cisso (broccoli raab)
Popcorn: Tom Thumb (popcorn duh)
Eggplant: Listada di Gandia (purple and cream color zebra stripes)
Radish: Valentine's mix (red, pink, white and finger shaped)
Squash: Yellow scallopini (pattypan)
Squash: Ronde di Nice (small round and light green)
Tomato: San Marzano (roma/paste type)
Tomato: Black Cherry (chocolate color)

I already have the following left over from last year:
Beets: detroit dark red
Carrot: danvers
Peas: sugar snap
Lettuce: black seeded
Spinach: idk what kind

So yeah, that's a lot of plants for someone who has to own any land. I only hope my family is understanding. Its in my blood. My grandpa is a local celebrity when it comes to tomatoes and my mom and aunt grow the most beautiful flowers. So in my defense, I just can't help it. I'm out of sunny window space at home but I've been so desperate to sprout something that I have a few things started at work already. I may or may not be researching what kind of watermelon will do well in hanging flower pots.
spinach of the office windowsill variety

pea ready to burst forth at any moment!
 And I am not the only one who are successful at gardening on plots that don't belong to them.  Check out the Guerrilla Gardeners' movement here. At least I ask for permission.....

Anyone out there getting seeds started already? What are you planning on growing this year?

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