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Sunday, March 13, 2011

homemade deodorant or the anti-stink stick

Several weeks ago I made a batch of homemade deodorant. I had been having problems with some other "natural" brands I had been trying.  They either a.) didn't work. I would end up smelling like garden fresh herbs and b.o or b.) they made my underarms break out into a terrible rash, causing me to itch like crazy and be given multiple disgusted looks from various people.

The reason I started using natural brands in the first place was because I was/am paranoid after reading all sorts of articles about how there is a possible link between breast cancer and aluminum in antiperspirants. I can't sit here and say "if you use antiperspirants, you'll get cancer." It's not my place, and it hasn't been proven. But I can say that I am more comfortable avoiding the aluminum all together to just avoid that possible risk. I am also a firm believer in letting ones body do what its was designed to do. When its hot, we sweat so that we can cool down our bodies.  If I put something that keeps me from sweating, its preventing my body from cooling itself when it need to.

Anyway, since I haven't found an aluminum free brand that doesn't make me stink or cause itchy pits I thought I'd try making my own. I didn't have much to lose since I already had most ingredients on hand from making my lotion and lip balm.

Here is the original recipe
I had to deviate from the original recipe I found online because I didn't have shea butter.  I replaced the shea with half the amount of sweet almond oil since it is a liquid.

Here is mine:

1 1/2 Tablespoons sweet almond oil
3 Tablespoons baking soda

2 Tablespoons corn starch

2 Tablespoons cocoa butter

Essential Oil (I used  20 drops of lavender)

I melted the oil and cocoa butter in a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave ( 30 sec at time until totally melted) then I mixed in the dry ingredients and essential oil. Eessential oil should go in last so the heat will not cause the scent to vaporize. Then I  poured the mixture into an empty deodorant tube that I had saved and cleaned. If you want to try making this, any empty plastic jar or small metal tin will do. You could even use a small jelly jar like the lady used in the original recipe link above.

I sat the container in the fridge overnight to cool and set. It looked like it would be too runny and I was afraid that it wouldn't have the right consistency but it hardened and I was able to use it the next morning. You use it just like you would a regular stick of deodorant.  Rub it on your pits.

It works pretty well! Not GREAT, but well.  It absolutely does not keep you from sweating but it does a fantastic job keeping you from stinking.  It does have a bit of a gritty texture and I didn't really like the lavender smell mixed with the cocoa butter smell. I think next time I make this I will fragrance it with a different oil or not at all.  The very best part is that I don't have the itchy pit syndrome anymore.
The second very best  part is that it cost me less than 1 dollar in supplies and will probably last me about four months.


  1. You are so creative! I am amazed everytime I read a new post.

  2. Reading all your recipes and blogs made me think back to when this all started....your mixing up your potions as a little girl! Although you have never outgrown it you have definately refined your product to perfection!

  3. Some great piece of thinking by you.