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Monday, February 28, 2011

mushroom madness

There was a sale at Meijer over the weekend. Buy 10 items for 1.00 each and get the 11th free. Organic baby bella mushrooms happened to be one of those items. Organic baby bella mushrooms are usually around three dollars a package. Organic. Baby Bella Mushrooms. One dollar. Don't you know how wonderful that is. I thought about getting 11 packages of mushrooms (because I love them) but knew there was no way Greg and I could eat that many before they would go bad in the fridge.  This morning, in the shower (because that is where the best ideas come from) I realized I could buy my 11 packages for ten bucks and dehydrate the ones we couldn't use in a weeks time. Genius!

After work tonight I went back to the store to load my cart. I was so excited about the idea of going home, slicing mounds and mounds of yummy mushrooms (some in thin slices, some diced, some quartered for variety of course) more excited than any normal person would admit to be.  And getting the chance to use my dehydrator, which I don't have the opportunity to do very often was just as exciting. I was going to write up a great little blog post about my money saving, mushroom dehydrating adventure. I was even thinking about listing all the wonderful recipes in which you could use dehydrated organic baby bella mushrooms.

When I got to the mushroom isle there wasn't a baby bella in sight. I am guessing a hundred other people had the same idea and beat me to the punch. My heart deflated like a wrinkled old puffball. My hopes and dreams went up in a cloud of spores. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I got home and you know what I found? a baby shitake mushroom sprouting on our little mushroom patch!
the mushroom fairies have blessed this household

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  1. Aww... even though I hate mushrooms, I LOVE happy endings! Yay for you!