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Monday, April 4, 2011

bird bath blue

got home from work at 8:00pm. I'm tired and chilled. I've been walking around in puddles all day and my pants got soaked up to the knees. I have to make this (yet again) a short post.

Even though I've been exhausted lately I managed to find the time to paint my toes. Its amazing how a little 5 minute paint job improves your mood.
Wet and Wild, Bird Bath Blue, $2.29.

don't make fun of my weird shaped toes. I can't help it.

Kitty is sick. She has a cold but she still manages to wake me up at 4am with her tuna breath.

The Meijer 10/10 and 11th free came back around. I finally got my organic baby bella mushrooms...11 boxes for 10 bucks. That will save me about 20 dollars since they are usually about 2.99 a package.   I am going to dry them with the food dehydrator.  I freaking love mushrooms, okay? Read about my mushroom madness here. So there will be a post later this week about food dehydrating.

I got three types of melons in the mail the other day. Tiny watermelons (2 lbs) and two types of mini cantaloupe. I couldn't help it. Why are mini versions of things so much cuter and more appealing? Thankfully my parents agreed to expand the garden to accomodate a few melon plants-just a few. Bees love melons. I'm doing it for them.....

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tell me this doesn't look amazingly delicious
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2 lbs-5 1/2 inches long. pocket sized.

Serenade (F1)
softball sized. I can see a little ball of ice cream nestled in the center.


  1. Good for you! Right out of that slump you came! I enjoyed your post very much. :)

  2. I can't wait to try the baby melons! They are just Trevor's size. :)