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Thursday, April 7, 2011

from scratch: wildflower honey and browned butter ice cream

With beekeeping season right around the corner, Greg and I wanted to do something fun with the last of our stored honey from last year.  I found this recipe quite a while ago and filed it under "rainy day project".  Well since it has rained every day since forever ago, last night was the perfect time to pull out that recipe and give it a shot.

We borrowed my sister's antique ice cream machine, gathered the ingredients and prepared the recipe.  I'd rather not take credit for someone else's genius (and I have a fear of being sued) so if you would like to try this ice cream you should go here for the recipe.  The ingredients are simple: whole milk, cream, honey, butter and egg yolks. It took about 15 minutes to prepare and maybe another 15 to freeze-despite mechanical issues. The recipe made about 3 cups of frozen ice cream (not including the cup or so we couldn't stop ourselves from eating while the ice cream was freezing). The recipe called for unsalted butter but we used salted. Its hard to explain but sometimes adding just a touch of salt to sweet things makes it taste better?

We poured the mix in the barrel of the machine, plugged it in and it immediately made a loud clicking noise- a noise that tells you something is wrong. We unplugged it again, messed with the barrel, thinking the ice was packed to tightly to allow it to spin. We were able to spin the barrel easily by hand so we inspected the motor and discovered that even though it was working, the part that attaches to the barrel and made it spin, wasn't turning correctly. In the time it took to inspect the motor ("when I say inspect" i really just mean looking clueless while scratching our heads) I guess the ice cream got cold enough to freeze

Its hard to describe the taste of heaven but I will give it a shot- creamy, honey-sweet with a touch of buttery caramel.  How does that sound?

honey ice cream mix cooking on left, butter browning on right, dirty stove top everywhere

butter sufficiently browned

butter goes in honey ice cream mix

antique ice cream machine....didn't work.

turning the mix by hand

the finished product

Greg decided to try coffee ice cream. That was really good too.
same base recipe as above but 2/3 cup sugar in place of honey
1 cup strong coffee and a few tbs fine grounds

Oh, kitty is still sick. Its a weird kind of sickness though....
maybe its a man cold?

She only seems sick when she knows your looking

she thought I was busy cleaning the kitchen but I managed to sneak this picture.

I'm always on the lookout for recipes with honey. Anybody have any other good ones?

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!! Sounds really really good too! Poor kitty....she probably just has the winter blahs!!!!!