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Saturday, April 30, 2011

dc trip

The last two weeks have been CRAZY. I had to deal with a home invasion (more on that later) traveled to dc, and then we FINALLY got our bees. I will be blogging about all these things but I decided to do the dc trip first.

On friday, Greg and I left for dc to have Easter and celebrate his 31st birthday with his family. We went downtown, ate blue crab with his family, had Easter Brunch and got to visit Great Falls National Park. I had a great time. The weather was perfect. Sunny and in the low 80's the whole three days we were there.

Greg in front of a giant metal tree in a park

Washington Monument. I took a lot of pictures downtown but
I think everyone has seen all them in one way or another so I won't bother to share.

Greg used to be in this historic building when he worked at the wilderness society. Its really old.

my first time eating blue crab. It was messy but tasty!

Great Falls/Potomac River
I am excited to add this to my growing list of National Parks I've visited!

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