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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Got back from the yurt excursion safe and sound. It was a fun experience. Due to large quantities of snow, we had to hike into the site about a 1/4 mile. Because I have OCD when it comes to traveling and packing, I originally packed way more than we needed. Having to walk so far in the snow forced us to choose what was important and what was not. A six pack of sierra nevada was more important to Greg than multiple changes of clothing. A bottle of Prosecco was more important to me than multiple changes of clothing also. Warm clothes are way better than clean clothes.  The site was very nice, the yurt had a propane wall heater but no plumbing or electricity. There was a solar panel attached to the yurt but winter=no sun=no electricity. We had a great view of a lake with a little creek running into it.  During the two days we stayed there we saw a beaver a few times swimming around right outside the yurt. There were lots of ducks and geese too. Unfortunately, the camera that was on loan to me took a crap on me so I do not have many pictures. Technology has been failing me a lot lately in fact. In the past month I've lost my computer due to a virus, my cell phone's battery won't make it past a 15 minute conversation, it takes the microwave 7 minutes or more to heat a bowl of stew, and now the camera. One great thing about roughing it is that it makes you realize how much you can do without when you have to.

There was lots of snow on the ground and my 11 year old winter boots don't have great traction or waterproofing ability anymore. On one short hike alone, I managed to bite it on three separate occasions. It also didn't help that the temps were in the high teens, low twenties.  We did have time for the monopoly game however. Greg beat me twice but only because he is a dirty rotten cheater. I don't know how he managed to do it but he did. Whatever, I don't want to talk about it. Overall, it was a great trip. I got to bond with my honey and get away from the distractions of every day life. The trip has me wondering abut the possibility of one living in a yurt on a permanent basis. I am looking into it.
the view from the patio of the yurt

Greg melting freshly fallen snow for our morning coffee
camping essentials

my attempt at an artistic shot

glad the snowflake blotted out my face. no makeup.


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Looks like it was beautiful and I hope your yurt was cozy warm!!! You two never cease to amaze me! What an adventure!

  2. Well, I can't say that living in a Yurt sounds like a good time to me but I will be more than willing to come visit you when you purchase yours. :)

  3. How neat! I think this is so cool! We've been watching that Wild Alaska show and it's really interesting to see the people go out into the middle of Alaska and stay for a few weeks with no electricity, no cars, etc. It would be neat to experience for a few days, but I could never do it forever!