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Saturday, January 22, 2011

bruielly brew status report

We've racked off the brew into a clean carboy now that it is done fermenting in order to separate it from the sediment (hops and yeast). The whole fermenting process was quite hairy. It was weird to see how much swirling and stirring going on in there due to the yeast. I wish I had a video camera to post a video of it. It was like watching a bunch of tiny sea monkeys swimming around in the bottle. Yeast is some crazy stuff. There was actually so much foam that we had to drain out some liquid three different times in order to prevent overflowing. The foam was getting so high that it actually filled the airlock twice and popped the lid right off, splashing foam and chunks of beer goo on the wall. In the past two weeks the color has changed from a dark mahogany to a golden color also. Despite the goo splashing episode and the blow out everything is going according to plan. We will wait another 9 days and then its bottling time.
Day 1

about a week and a half in. a few days before beer volcano.

What's left after racking

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