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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Gritty Girl got a new look. Blogger changed it's layout so I thought it was high time I changed mine. Not much to post, just wanted to show off the edgy new look. I have a batch of wild violets brewing in the fridge for some wild violet jelly-its that time of year again. My asparagus collection is almost to the amount I need to make some more asparagus pickles. I could have made some last week but I'm giving a generous portion to a very sweet gentleman friend who happens to have my same affinity for the stuff. I want do do a post about infused honeys but that will have to come later when I am less busy also. My social life is in the upswing and I am taking advantage while I can.

All I have for you today is a collection of things I really like. Products, recipes, music, gadgets, etc. You may find them useful or you may not but I can look back on this blog and remember all of the things I was digging back in the day.

1. I wish I knew how to make my own shampoo but I don't.  I wish I could use Dr. Bronner's on my hair but I can't. Its much too thick, curly and needs major moisture. So I recently discovered a nice smelling, natural and animal friendly shampoo that smells fantastic. Here it is. The conditioner is dreamy also. The only natural brand that doesn't make my hair look and feel like straw.

2. I am saving up for a pair of these. I may have to sell my soul.

3. Next time I go camping I am going to sleep in this. I think I can sew one myself...

4. I would like to add this to my leather-bound book collection.

5. I had a lot of fun growing my own mushroom a few years ago. Now I want this one.

6. I need this for my honey jar. It would make it much more easy to pour from a mason jar and the sides wouldn't get so sticky from the drips.

7. I ADORE this song from Jason Mraz. I was totally feeling every word a few months ago. Isn't it amazing to hear a song that really speaks to you? Not so much now but I still love the lyrics. If you don't want to listen to it because it is too poppy or whatever, fine. Me and 16 million other people love it so maybe you are the weird one?

8. Another book on my etsy wish list. This one looks like the perfect read for cold rainy spring days.

9. A mouthwatering recipe for homemade honey lavender caramels.

10. I've always wanted to skip the huge fancy wedding, elope and spend my money on a honeymoon like this. I don't know why people put so much emphasis on a ceremony that lasts 20 minutes and a receptions that most people forget when they could spend it on a week in paradise instead. I get regular newsletters from this place and they make me drool.

That's all for now. If anyone knows a rich, single guy ( well, he doesn't necessarily have to be single..)that would like to buy me some of the things listed above, send him my way.


  1. I'm right with you on the honeymoon vs. wedding debate. That place looks fantastic! Wanna elope and go? Okay, we don't have to get married but can we go anyway?

  2. yes lets go. I need a passport!!!!! Mind if we stop at a bank first? Nevermind the ski mask, Its cold in Australia.

  3. Erica...every blog I read I am totally amazed...I just love your new look on this one!!!!! I totally love the links you shared for the things you are interested in too! You are an amazing lady, I'm proud you are my niece!