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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what to do with your homegrown mushrooms

So you may be sick of hearing about the mushrooms so this is the last post on this topic,  I swear. At least until the next crop is due a few weeks from now.

We harvested our mushrooms last night and got a whopping 13.8 ounces. 

please pay no attention to the messy apartment behind me or my messy hair. Your focus should be on the giant shroom in my hand. Well, I guess its okay to admire my collection of leather bound books.

I said don't look at my messy hair. Gosh.

Pay no attention to the cat sleeping on a towel on the couch behind Greg. Your attention should be on the mushroom collection on the cluttered coffee table.
We thought the best way to enjoy them and not cover up that wonderful fresh mushroom flavor was to prepare them simply-sauteed with butter, salt and pepper.. and put them on a big fat steak. It was glorious.

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  1. Amazing! They look so delicious. And by the way, I was not paying attention to the cat, it was Greg's lounge pants that caught my Super Cool!